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Phenomenal Stearns & Foster Mattress Solutions All Yours for Less

When it comes to Zs, the experts who make Stearns & Foster mattresses have it literally down to a science. Get the ultimate in coil and foam technology even if other mattress brands have failed you. Stomach sleeper who’s been waking up in hot sweats? Sore the next morning from aggravated pressure points? Say goodbye to all that and float away to the restoring 7-9 hours of shuteye the docs say you need every night to add years to your life. And when you invest in your Stearns & Foster mattress upgrade by buying at Cohen’s Furniture, your REM sleep can be full of big dreams of what you’ll spend with the bundle of cash you saved! This top-selling mattress brand has an answer for everyone in your household.

Fantastic Stearns & Foster Mattress Features

You think you know foam mattresses, but when you try lying on Stearns & Foster mattresses’ Indulge Memory Foam made just for this brand, you’ll think you’ve landed in heaven. Even a side sleeper can rest uninterrupted because problematic pressure points are enveloped in this contouring support foam giving you the smoothest mattress “ride” of your life! When you pay just a little more for the Indulge HD Memory Foam, you get still more comfort thanks to ultra-high density foam. If temperature control’s been a problem, no worries. When you buy Stearns & Foster mattresses’ foam, you get airflow on the cellular level so you don’t overheat. All this foam surface softness is ably supported by the brand’s patented IntelliCoil systems taking over from your muscles so your body and mind can go on a nightly vacation!

We Love Stearns & Foster Mattresses and So Will You!

Seriously, our longtime customers rave about Stearns & Foster mattresses’ quality so they come back to this world-renowned brand when it’s time to replace theirs, every 10 years. With coil counts ranging from 1,774 to 3,196 and your choice of mattress tops for softness, when you try one out on our floor you’ll understand why.

You too can rest easy on an awesome Stearns & Foster mattress for far less than your imagined. It’s all happening at our Wilmington, DE location and other four mattress stores.