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All You Need to Know About Sleeper Sofas

A sleeper sofa is a type of sofa that has a fold-out bed. sleeper sofas are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have in your home. They can be used as a regular sofa during the day and then easily converted into a comfortable bed at night. They are perfect for small spaces because you get two pieces of furniture in one. 

At Cohen's Furniture, we carry a wide variety of sleeper sofas to fit any need or budget. We will talk about the different types of sleeper sofas and why they are such versatile pieces of furniture. We'll also give you tips on choosing the right one for your home.

Different Types of Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofas come in many different styles, sizes, and colors. The most popular type is the traditional pull-out couch. This type has a metal frame with a mattress that pulls out from underneath the couch cushions. These are usually the most affordable option, but they are still as comfortable as some of the other types of sleeper sofas. 

If you are looking for a more comfortable option, you may want to consider a futon sleeper sofa. Futon sleeper sofas have a wooden frame with a mattress that folds out from the back of the sofa. These are typically more expensive than pull-out couches but are also more comfortable. 

Another option is a chaise lounge sleeper sofa. These have an L-shaped design with one side that reclines. The benefit of this design is that it provides more seating space during the day and can be turned into a bed at night. These are usually more expensive than traditional sleeper sofas, but they offer more versatility and comfort

Why Are Sleeper Sofas So Versatile?

Sleeper sofas are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture because they can be used as both a sofa and a bed. They are perfect for small spaces because you only need one piece of furniture (a sofa and a bed) instead of two. They are also great for people who frequently have guests because they can easily accommodate overnight guests without taking up extra space in your home. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Sleeper Sofa

There are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for a sleeper sofa: 

Size: You need to make sure that the sleeper will fit in your space and that there is enough room to open the bed (if it's a pull-out type). Measure your room before you start shopping and make sure to note doorways, hallways, and staircases that might make delivery difficult. 

Comfort: This is important as a sofa and bed. Sit on each couch before you buy it to see how comfortable it is and make sure to test out each bed to ensure it's reachable and comfy enough to sleep on. If possible, try out each couch with the specific mattress that will be used as part time-bed ahead of time! Doing this will give you the best idea of how comfy your new piece will be 

Type: There are many different types of sleeper sofas available on the market today (pull-out, futon, chaise lounge, etc.). Think about which type would work best in your space and which would be most comfortable for you or your guests to sleep on

Sleeper sofas offer unmatched versatility when it comes to furniture pieces — they work perfectly as both sofas and beds! No matter what kind of space you're working with or your budget, there's a sleeper sofa out there that will suit your needs perfectly." So what are you waiting for? Come down to Cohen's Furniture in New Castle, DE today and find the perfect sleeper sofa for your home!