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The Sealy Mattress You Need for Health at a Price You Can’t Beat!

When you’re literally tired of subpar or worn-out mattresses, Cohen’s Furniture gives you a state-of-the-art answer in springs and foam. Check out Sealy mattresses’ advanced offerings for every size bed and sleep style. Our stock from America’s No. 1 brand is comprehensive, from traditional innerspring mattresses improved with modern pocketed coils, Sealy’s Response series, to its brilliant line of memory-foam mattresses, the fittingly named Conform series. If foam AND coil mattresses are more your thing, such as for motion reduction, check out this brand’s Hybrid series, which includes gel for the smoothest mattress “ride” you’ve ever had.

Float Away: Sealy Eurotop Mattresses to Relax and Recharge

Try one of our top-selling Sealy mattresses for the classic feeling of floating away: the Eurotop mattress. This clocks in at a decadently deep 12 inches thick and sports a soft mattress topper for your maximum comfort. But the real story is deep inside this brilliantly engineered sleep solution. An astonishing 638 modernized springs await to take over your body’s support from your tired muscles. Cellular healing and deep dream-filled sleep are coming right up. It’s science: your deepest sleep is when your brain takes vacations by dreaming. Resilient foam layers reshape themselves to fit your body’s contours like never before. And if body heat’s been a problem for you, this Sealy mattress is your ready answer. The memory foam “breathes” so optimized airflow keeps you cool all night. Sleep on this and you’ll agree with this brand’s tagline, “It’s made for sleep. It’s a Sealy!”

Local Households Love Sealy Mattresses and So Will You!

Cohen’s array of Sealy mattresses is so good that our customers can’t stop raving about how relaxing they are. And we dare say you’ll join them after a week feeling the incredible difference. These mattresses don’t just make you feel good. Your overall physical and mental health improve, from acing your game the next day to better posture to living a few years longer. Do what the doctors say. Get YOUR 7-9 nightly hours of Zs affordably on marvelous Sealy mattresses, ALWAYS available at deep discounts from Cohen’s Furniture!

Let’s get started on upgrading YOUR quality of life without having to spend too much. Restful nights on Sealy mattresses are easy to get when you shop at our Wilmington, DE store and other Cohen’s locations.