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Herman Cohen serviced his country and his local community for many years
and his tradition carries on today at Cohen's Furniture where his family tradition will continue forever.

Wasim, General Manager with Herman Cohen

COHEN'S Furniture is committed to providing the best quality home furnishings at a VALUE PRICE you can afford. We will show that a tight budget can still give you good design and a home to be proud of. Your money will go further and you can live better by decorating your home with furniture you love.

At Cohen's we have beautifully designed and quality crafted furniture you and your family will be proud to live with.

You get affordable prices because Cohen’s is very competitive. And our long standing relationship with our sources means we get the very best prices and pass those savings directly to you.

At Cohen's you get American made furniture made by people who have been making quality furniture for generations. You get products made by people who know how furniture is used in the American home.

You get solid wood construction, solid cherry, solid oak, solid maple, solid birch. You get solid American wood for solid American value.

You get durable finishes. Most dining tables have new catalytic finishes that are virtually water proof and stain resistant.

And you can custom order!  In most cases it costs no more to custom order your new dining room, bedroom or living room in the styles, sizes, colors and finishes you really want. Custom orders are usually delivered in 6 to 8 weeks or sooner.

You get design assistance. Our talented designers will assist you with a room plan showing the best layout and best sizes for furniture. They are there to help guide you through color and style selection. And, they keep your budget in mind to make the shopping experience satisfying and rewarding.

You can put your new furniture on Layaway for up to a year as you finish your payments or wait for new home construction to be completed. Take delivery next year but pay today’s sale price.

Cohen’s accepts most major credit cards and has convenient terms to help you budget your payments.

Come to Cohen’s Furniture and we will show you how to have a beautiful home at a price you can afford.


Herman Cohen was born May 25, 1922, in Philadelphia, to Sarah and Abraham Cohen, both immigrants from Eastern Europe. As in infant, his parents moved south of the border - the Pennsylvania-Delaware border that is, and Herman called Wilmington “home“ for 96 years.

As a child growing up on Poplar Street, Herman loved school and had an aptitude for learning. From a  young age, he also relished working hard, alongside his father in his grocery businesses and other  endeavors, and always helped take care of his mother, who spoke mostly Yiddish. Herman was especially close to his three older brothers: Morris, Mike and Joe, and he loved his baby sister Fay, to whom he remained close his entire life.

Before graduating high  school, Herman volunteered to serve in the United States Army. It was World War II, and after basic training in the south, he was stationed in the Philippines. His specialty was  Morse Code. Herman served bravely and honorably, and spoke often about his experiences and valiant service throughout his life. After the war, he joined his brother’s used furniture business. This eventually became known as Cohen Bros. Furniture, first with his brothers Morris and Joe, on Market Street and then on Du Pont Highway when his son Arnold joined him. We now know this today as, Cohen’s Furniture!

 After the war, he went on a blind date that changed his entire life. He met his love Mildred and they married within a year, on January 15, 1948. For more than 70 years, Herman Cohen loved his wife Mildred to the stars and back. He was always her rock: gentle,loving and doting. 

“A very good man,” she said. They were a team through thick and thin. Everyone was witness to their love.

Herman, while not perfect, (and who really was) led a full and fulfilling life that touched many.

Two phrases that he constantly repeated, First: “You are your own best asset.” - that was clearly a call for self-care. And Herman’s second teaching: “You must always renew your enthusiasm for life.“

In other words, find a new passion and try to live in the wonder of all God’s miracles. May we all be inspired by Herman’s generosity, sensitivity, inclusivity, dignity, kindness, diligence – love of family, love of wife and love of life.

Remarkably, Herman pre-deceased Mildred by two years to the exact day, and were the same age when they both passed away. They will always be remembered for the integrity, intelligence, honesty, class, humility, grace, wit, twinkle and style.


     Herman Cohen                                            Mildred Cohen   
     May 25th , 1922 - August 25th , 2018         May 6th , 1924  -  August 25th , 2020

L’chaim means “To Life"

Seven Values of Herman Cohen

*Put your family first.

*You are your own best asset - take care of yourself.

*Always renew your enthusiasm for life – be resilient.

*Be generous , and count education among your beneficiaries.

*Embrace your Religion and treat your clergy well.

*Treat your spouse like Royalty.

*Be inclusive.